Abe Handler

I am an instructor with the Department of Information Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


As a researcher, I am interested in user-facing natural language processing applications, especially new tools for searching, analyzing and making sense of large document collections.

As part of this work, I design and build interfaces with collaborators from HCI, develop algorithms for efficient summarization, and research natural language processing techniques to support new ways of analyzing text.


I am very excited to be working as an instructor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I have been teaching remotely during COVID. I am cautiously optimistic about the possibilities of online eductation, and am very interested in technologies and methods for effective, low-cost, online pedagogy at scale.


I started graduate school after working as a software developer and data journalist, and remain interested in applying computational methods in practical settings. I’ve worked as an intern for early-stage and late-stage startups, and like to listen to podcasts and read blogs about the technology industry to follow new developments.