Abe Handler

I am an instructor with the Department of Information Science at the University of Colorado. I research natural language processing methods for user-facing search applications.
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Email: abram.handler@gmail.com
Publications, projects and software
Abram Handler and Brendan O’Connor at EMNLP (2019)   Code
Jack Merullo, Luke Yeh, Abram Handler, Alvin Grissom II, Brendan O’Connor, Mohit Iyyer at EMNLP (2019)   Code + data | Press
Abram Handler, Prem Ganeshkumar, Brendan O’Connor and Mohamed AlTantawy, New Frontiers in Summarization Workshop at EMNLP (2019)   Code + data
Abram Handler, Brian Dillon and Brendan O’Connor (arXiv preprint, 2019)
Abram Handler and Brendan O’Connor at NAACL (2018)
Katherine A. Keith, Abram Handler, Michael Pinkham, Cara Magliozzi, Joshua McDuffie, and Brendan O’Connor at EMNLP (2017)
Abram Handler and Brendan O'Connor, KDD Workshop on Data Science + Journalism (2017). Funded with a Knight prototype grant.
Software to extract multiword phrases for downstream analysis, with a companion paper at Text as Data (2016) from Abram Handler, Matthew J. Denny, Hanna Wallach, and Brendan O'Connor.
Before I became a PhD student I worked as data journalist, where I lead development of The Vault: a collection of applications which which helped citizens better find and make use of public records. I also helped create the first live election maps in Louisiana.