Course descriptions, syllabi, and links to course materials.

Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder (2022-present)
BAIM 3220: Introduction to Python Programming

An undergraduate class which introduces students to Python programming for business analytics.

Natural langauge processing for healthcare analytics (coming soon)

Information Science, University of Colorado, Boulder (2020-2022)

I began my academic career as an instructor with the Information Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In that role, I taught a number of lower-division undergraduate, upper-division undergraduate, and mixed undergraduate/graduate courses. Most of my classes had a computational or quantitative focus. I include course descriptions below. Please see my GitHub account for sample teaching materials.

INFO 2301: Quantitative Reasoning for Information Science

A lower-division undergraduate class which uses Python programming to explore fundamental ideas in quantitative reasoning, such as Boolean algebra and probability.

INFO 3401: Information Exploration

An upper-division undergraduate class which offers a hands-on introduction to fundamental ideas in data science, such as gathering, cleaning, shaping, modeling and presenting conclusions from data. The class emphasizes common Python tools such as Jupyter notebooks.

INFO 3402: Information Exposition

An upper-division undergraduate class which emphasizes visualizing and presenting conclusions from data using computational tools. I co-taught this class with Brian Keegan in 2021. Prof. Keegan will teach the class in 2022.

INFO 4602/5602: Information Visualization

A mixed undergraduate/graduate class which explores the design, development, and evaluation of charts, graphs, and other types of information visualizations. The class incorporates ideas from design, computer graphics, HCI, and data science to give students hands-on experience with exploring data and creating visualizations. The course was originally developed by Danielle Szafir.

INFO 4604/5604: Applied Machine Learning

A mixed undergraduate/graduate class which introduces students to fundamental ideas in machine learning such as optimization, regularization, and model evaluation, through a hands-on introduction using the scikit-learn library. See also this blog post.

INFO 4700: Senior Capstone

A project-based class for graduating INFO majors. During the class, students work in groups to complete a semester-long project that showcases the technical skills, design skills, research skills and communication skills they have developed during their time as an INFO major.

Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2015-2020)

Before coming to Boulder, I was a PhD student at the University of Massachusetts, where I worked as a TA for classes in natural language processing and graphical models. I also taught the following class.

Ethical Issues Surrounding Artificial Intelligence Systems and Big Data